General Problems Experienced

Compressed air users are subject to various problems. These range from lack of information for the user to make proper informed decisions, sales staff most often don’t understand the customers’ processes and unique requirements, thus user end up with a un-integrated system resulting in wasted profits, increased down time thus lost opportunity cost and low quality 

The user’s system also suffer from high maintenance cost due to compressed air contamination

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water, particles and oil, high operating cost due to high pressure drops, thus profits lost due to high energy loss 

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Compressed Air – Background 
Compressed air is one of most widely used energy sources in industry.  Applications vary from de-dusting to spraying, manipulating to shot blasting, packaging to manufacture, control and monitoring, etc. 

The success and economy of these processes and technologies depend on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), capital and running costs, the quality, reliability, availability, maintainability of compressed air generation, main air treatment, distribution of compressed air, on final air treatment at point of application 
The final result of all this? 
In order for companies to be world class manufacturers and to be competitive on a global scale, it is imperative that all enabling technologies be re/considered for their role in the manufacturing process. 

Total Cost of Ownership of such enabling technologies is a prime criterion in this consideration, especially in view of the fact that globally competitive companies focus on their core technologies, and outsource their enabling technologies 

It is fundamental that manufacturers understand these enabling technologies so that the correct technology decisions can be made.  Furthermore, it is important to understand that all decisions also have unintended consequences and that all benefits also have a cost 

Air Systems’ Experience 
Experience in defense, industrial, mining, aviation, food and beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, commercial and various other sectors.  Design, manufacture, integration of systems, turnkey projects, supply, install, commission, fault find, repairs, service, reports and consulting on the following disciplines: compressors, compressed air distribution systems, filtration, air drying and air treatment, pneumatics, air tools and pressure vessels 

What is Air? 
Air consists of a mixture of oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, water vapour and other gases.  Air we breathe is also filled with millions of particles of hydrocarbons from various sources, some natural, others man-made or due to other sources of contamination 

Why Compressed Air? 
Compressed air is one of the most versatile energy sources available to industry.  It is safe in chemical and wet environments.  Air-driven machinery and tools easily achieve variable speeds, and generally stand out

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simplicity of design, low weight, cool operation, and efficient and effective work rate 
Example Cost Consideration of Compressor 
Cost breakdown for typical 75 kW, 700 kPa oil flooded rotary screw compressor running 40,000 hours (10 years, double shift at 75% load) are: purchase price 18%, energy cost 73%, parts and maintenance 7% and installation 2%.  This shows that initial capital outlay is relatively minor compared to running and energy cost 

Compressor Selection 
Selecting higher priced capital item with lower running costs is generally the better and more economical option with a better RIO than choosing cheap, inferior equipment and system components.  Allow for planning and design and purchase energy efficient, reliable, available, adaptable and maintainable systems, processes and technologies.  Being penny-wise, pound-foolish when purchasing a new compressed air system or new technology, diminish long term profits and energy loss 

Plan, design, install and maintain for least energy consumption and losses 

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