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You’ve had enough of inferior pipe systems that waste energy, lower quality, increase maintenance and ultimately diminishes your profits! 

Benefits to you, the user of Air Systems’ new unique concept and design (Registered patents for some) of compressed air distribution, compressed air treatment and condensate management 

We go out of our way to save you money and hassle! New technology compressed air and custom airgineered systems 

Your Direct Benefits 

  • Get the latest patented technologies. Get the New, world first, patented compressed air distribution system and water separator traps, developed

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    Air Systems 
  • At last get your compressed air systems’ cost efficiency ratio balanced. Engineered distribution systems, we guarantee the right pressure, volume, temperature and air quality 
  • Save money on installation. Fewer direction changes compared to any other available compressed air distribution system 
  • Save profits, save energy you’ve paid for. Long radius bends saves energy compared to short radius elbows = less pressure drop = save energy = retained profits 
  • Your system has fewer leaks thus save compressed air. Joints on system minimised. 8 to 14 fewer joints per usage point compared to conventional systems 
  • Get maximum flexibility. Each usage point also drain point and vice a versa – guaranteed quality compressed air at usage point 
  • Achieve amazing results with simple products and design. No need for refrigeration dryers to remove condensate 
  • Easy installation. No need for slide valves at service units, up to three points serviced per water separator trap = save R’s 
  • Have more available energy in your system. Higher air mass in system due to pressure = less pressure drop due to friction losses = higher productivity = reduced maintenance = saved profits 
  • Get more for less. Isolation valves incorporated to maintain productivity and cut losses 
  • Have your system reliable, available and maintainable. Sufficient unions or flanges used for maintenance and possible expansion of system 
  • Your most cost effective system available, short and long term 
  • Spend less on air treatment. Reduced velocities = reduced filter regulator and lubricator maintenance = decreased cost for air treatment 
  • Save money on maintenance. Substantially reduced system and application and machine maintenance 
  • You get an aesthetically pleasing installation that forms part of your factory display 
  • All our systems and products is based on at least 15 Years research and development 
  • Your system customised to your need 
  • Join a large group of satisfied customers 
  • Endorsed

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    successful companies. More compliments received on our products and systems compared to any other product sold in 15 years 

Saving you money and hassle using Air Systems’ new, unique concept and methods to. 
The customer is always a winner with Air Systems.  You get value for money technology solutions, holistically engineered to be cost effective and deliver a fair return on investment and not “cheap”, inferior systems.  Typically our systems initially seem more expensive compared to conventional plumbed systems, but in the long turn, you save your profits 

Return on investment can be in a matter of months or as long as two years depending the size of the system, the use, etc. 

Compressed Air  –  Distribution 
The distribution system is the most critical part of a compressed air system. Experience has shown that once a compressed air distribution system is installed it is never removed but frequently extended and changed 

Applications are also changed or added as new technologies are developed. Consulting and other engineers overlook these realities, and often, design systems with built-in pressure drop to avoid using pressure regulators at the point of application, thinking they “save” money

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not having expenditure for multiple pressure regulators 

Pressure drop in a system is achieved

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simply using insufficient pipe diameter or

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reducing pipe diameters from large to small towards the extremities.  This “saving” on regulators is a misconception and grossly unfair to the customer.  Such a system is handicapped at the start 

At it’s inception it operates at it’s maximum. To extend the pipeline, or to add other applications that require more compressed air, will further tax the system, resulting in more downtime, more frequent maintenance, and a serious effect on the quality of goods produced.  The costs of production and Total Cost of Ownership increase directly proportional to the initial, long- term, limiting design and investment decisions taken.  With such an overtaxed system, it is also pointless to add larger compressors 

The only alternative to extend or upgrade later, is then to install high pressure compressors.  However, this is only possible if the integrity of the distribution system can handle the higher pressure.  Alternatively, one can replace most if not all of the existing distribution system 

Conventional distribution systems are sloped downwards in the direction of flow, with usage points being taken off the top side of the distribution system with a goose neck arrangement.  Condensate drain legs are fitted to the bottom side of the distribution system 

In theory this system works well but in practice it is often a problem mounting a sloped pipe line. Undue stress is often put on fittings as they are made for perpendicular mounting.  Sloped pipe distribution systems are not aesthetically pleasing.  In too many cases, the drain legs are used as usage points, defying the reasons for sloped lines 

Gate valves are often used in compressed air systems.  These valves easily leak air at pressure through their throat and at the stem and gland seal assembly and are more intended for water use.  Ball valves are better suited for compressed air systems. 

With Air Systems’ new compressed air distribution technology developed in South Africa, compressed air lines are installed horizontally with a ring main layout and a generous amount of isolation valves mounted at strategic points, dimensioned for full pressure and full flow right through to the extremities 

All usage points are taken off the bottom of the distribution system and in conjunction with Air Systems’ patented water separator traps, each point is now a usage and drain point all in one 

Significant long term benefits are derived

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this system as air treatment and maintenance on the system, and maintenance on applications are reduced significantly.  In cases up to 90% savings on maintenance costs have been achieved 

Long term energy losses are minimised as there are fewer joints, negligible pressure drop, and increased air quality, leading to significantly reduced operating costs as well. With Air Systems’ new technology there are 8 to 14 joints fewer per usage point, compared to gooseneck take off points 

Materials used for compressed air distribution systems vary according to environmental conditions, cost, size of installation, pressure of system, flow capacity, type of application, method of construction, and choice. 

Materials used are steel piping to SABS 62, uncoated or galvanised typically for screwed systems up to 100mm (4”) diameter, Schedule 20, 40, 60, 80, etc., for welded systems from 50mm (2”) and greater 

Special large bore plastic pipe is manufactured for the mining industry, this is not suitable for factories due to incompatible fittings.  New plastic pipe systems developed for industry cater only for small flow, small diameter installations.  These systems are presently too expensive for normal industrial applications to be a viable proposition for the industrialist 

Copper pipe systems have advantages over other systems although size is limited to Ø108mm. Copper pipe systems have higher material cost and lower installation cost, total cost compares to screwed steel pipe systems. Copper have advantages of no corrosion, smooth bores and  good heat exchange properties.  Copper systems may be either capillary soldered or connected using compression fittings 

Extruded aluminium profiles are used for small installations such as laboratories and have similar advantages to copper pipe systems.  Aluminium systems make use of modular connectors.  Costs are high for these systems 

No-No Materials 
Red plastic compound semi-rigid piping has been used in some recent air reticulation systems.  It is advised that this pipe is not used for compressed air or gas installations.  The manufacturers of this type of plastic pipe do not appear to have specifications for the transmission of gaseous mediums. Furthermore, there is no plasticiser in the pipe.  Should a break occur the piping will shatter, posing a severe injury risk to personnel. 

We have the right solution for your specific requirements. 

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