Compressed Air Treatment: @ Usage Point

With Air Systems’ new compressed air distribution technology, service units (filter, pressure regulator and lubricator) are fitted to the patented water separator traps. 

Such service units are used for typical air tool and valve-and- cylinder applications. 

Hurricane TopCharge Type C incl Spring Reel 

For spray painting a series of two or three filters are employed to remove particles, oil droplets and vapour, with pressure regulators fitted after the series of filters (low pressures require larger filters, therefore filters are mounted before the pressure regulator to keep them small, i.e. less expensive. 

Bottom Tap Off incl Hurricane TopCharge Type C 

The water separator traps also act as manifold and avoid the use of slide valves (to shut upstream and purge downstream to service air treatment devices) fitted upstream to air treatment devices, these functions are built in. 

Tornado SideCharge incl Pressure Regulator and Manifold 

Air dryers, although seldom used with the new distribution technology, may be employed at applications that require a higher degree of air treatment 

High Efficiency Desiccant Dryer 

The compressed air, after being connected to the application, is now ready for use 

Hurricane TopCharge Type C incl ClampOn Brackets 

Each usage point is filtered and dried to t